Training & Consultation

The Shaping Values : Sharing Vision project focuses on school strategic direction and ethos focused leadership. It embraces the views of all stakeholders and provides clear management tools to ensure continuous school improvement. But it also does so much more than that. The project has a two-fold, proactive approach to mental wellbeing of children and young people; one, the opportunity to develop school vision and values that place the resilience of children at the heart of school ethos, two, the inclusion of children’s voice in the strategic leadership of the school through commitment to pedagogy that will develop children as leaders within their schools. This is a unique and powerful whole-school approach to developing mentally healthy children. It deserves commitment from governors, school leaders, staff, parents and children alike. It takes YOUR vision, YOUR values, YOUR school community and YOUR children and addresses the national priority of promoting resilience and improving emotional wellbeing.

Please do get in touch to enquire about bespoke packages of support for your school.

The Project

Phase 1- Consultation with:

-HT and/or Chair of Governors

-Full Governing Board

-HT and staff

-Children and parents


Phase 2 - Shaping Vision

-Whole-school kick-off event

-Evaluation and next steps


Phase 3 - Children’s Voice

-Staff training


-School Council


Phase 4 - Strategic Governance

-Governor Roles and Responsibilities

-School Strategic Planning

-School Development Planning

Project Outcomes

-outstanding child outcomes

-enhanced sense of belonging

-strong social skills

-good emotional development

-resilient children

-happy team

-improved communication

-improved behaviour

-outstanding leadership and management

-enhanced school ethos

-culture of positivity

-high staff engagement

-enhanced staff wellbeing

-engaged parents

-positive relationships

-improved governance

-effective development plan

-improved self-evaluation

-succinct strategic processes